Your Wedding…and Everyone Else!
Believe it or not there are tons of people who are involved in your wedding!  There is you — the Bride, and, of course, your Groom.
Then there is your family, his family, your friends, his friends, mutual friends, family friends on both sides — all of these make up your guest list.
All of these people have feelings, opinions and ideas.  Depending on how close you are to each of these groups or individuals, they will be expressing their feelings, opinions and ideas during one of your most emotional times.
You don’t want to hurt any of these people; but, a lot of them will have something to say about your wedding that you don’t want to hear.  They will tell you how they did their wedding, how you should do yours, what style you should have, even what colors you should pick!  Try not to over-react.  Most times they are only trying to help.  Say true to yourself and the vision of your wedding that you have.
There is also another group of people involved.  Those are your vendors — your DJ or Band, your photographer, your Coordinator/Designer, your caterer, your site people and on and on… This group is supposed to be there for you.  They are there to offer you guidance based on their years of experience.  They are not there to impose what they think your wedding should be like.  Sometimes, just because they have “never done it that way before” doesn’t mean it can’t be.  Go ahead and make sure your wishes are being carried out!
Then there is a third set of people that will want to be involved in your wedding — they actually only want to be involved in your wedding budget!  According to the ABC, the Association of Bridal Consultants, there are at least 92 businesses that can, will or try to get involved in your wedding.  Companies will be calling you as soon as you start filling things out on the computer saying you are getting married.  You will be contacted by pots and pan companies, china companies, insurance agencies, even car dealerships so you can buy a new car for your new “family”!  This list goes on and on!  BEWARE!!